Welding materials

As part of our sales programme, we offer products and services in the field of welding materials and filler materials:

  • wire for gas-shielded arc welding according to MIG, MAG procedures SG2 SG3;
  • wire for gas-shielded arc welding of medium-alloyed steel: Cr, Ni, Mo, ER 100, ER 110;
  • electrodes for welding of low-, medium and high-alloyed steel (rutile, basic, cellulosic);
  • high-alloyed electrodes for welding of fire-resistant steel;
  • special purpose electrodes (for hard facing with wear resistant layers);
  • aluminium wires for welding and brazing
  • welding equipment

    • As part of our welding equipment sales programme we offer BÖHLER Welding masks for perfect all-round protection. Read more about BÖHLER Welding masks in our panflet.


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