Retail unit in Ljubljana

The retail unit in Ljubljana trades in metallurgical products as below:

  • hot rolled sheet, plate, pickled sheet, tread plate and special sheet,
  • cold rolled sheet, galvanised, galvanised lacquered and electrogalvanised sheet,
  • tubes: welded, seamless, galvanised.
  • beams: HEA, HEB, IPE, INP, UNP,
  • flat and round steel, angles, rebars, reinforcing mesh,
  • non-ferrous metallurgy: aluminium sheet, strips, tubes, stainless sheet, tread grating and welding materials.

The business unit Ljubljana, located at Brnčičeva 45, also offers cutting services and preparation of materials for further processing or manufacture.


Brnčičeva 45,
1231 Ljubljana–Črnuče

Opening hours: 7.00–15.00

Manager: Blaž Vraničar