Building energy renovation

We are a company active in integrated building energy renovation from the initial draft to the actual performance of heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation and control system projects.

We offer:

  • renovation of air-conditioning devices and cooling systems,

  • renovation of heating systems and hot water provision systems,

  • renovation of existing distribution systems,

  • renovation of rooms with existing ventilation and floor heating (Airconomy system),

  • control and monitoring of control systems,

  • renovation of central control systems (Scada),

  • energy-efficient renovation by means of heat pumps.

Building energy renovation should be entrusted to experts who can use their experience to find the best solution for individual buildings, and take care of proper planning and performance of the same.


Public sector:

  • designing of new and reconstruction of old buildings in the commercial sector (Spar, Tuš),

  • conversion of 2.4 MG boiler room from oil to gas (Alpina Žiri),

  • conversion of a 1 MG boiler room to gas (JP Vodovod – Kanalizacija Vrhnika),

  • renovation of heating, control systems and supervisory systems (student residential area in Ljubljana),

  • technological installation layout and connection of steam cogeneration (Fructal Ajdovščina, TKI Hrastnik),

  • conversion of a 2.2 MG boiler room to oil (Hotel Park Bled),

  • reconstruction of pellet boiler room for a multi-dwelling building (Kotlovnica Cerknica).

Private sector:

  • renovation of gas boiler rooms in multi-dwelling buildings (residential area in Ljubljana),

  • conversion of 1.2 MG boiler room to gas (office building in Ljubljana),

  • renovation of heating systems in family homes (residential area in Ljubljana),


Miha Dimnik

Commercial technical specialist

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Srečko Krenker

Commercial technical specialist

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