Company strategy and vision

Production trading and sustainable development are the two key guidelines of the company Kovintrade d.d, while stability, growth, development and capital increase are the goals which we strive to achieve throughout our business activity. In this way, we are trying to strengthen the position of our company as one of the leading European companies in the field of metallurgy.

Our company is distinguished for its expertise, ethics, honesty, responsibility and credibility.

The main mission of the Kovintrade Group is to be and to remain an independent, globally oriented trader in products and services of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, ferro-alloys and other metallurgical raw materials, heating, air-conditioning and controlling equipment for energy efficiency of buildings.

The vision of the Kovintrade Group: is to be the group with the Slovenian – international – trading character, which is through business and capital linked with certain production systems.

  • Slovenian:
    We have developed our internal ownership structure which we wish to maintain in the future.
  • International:
    We are physically present in 10 countries, commercially in more than 50 countries, which is one quarter of the world, and we tend to improve it.
  • Trading:
    We wish to achieve further specialisation and expansion of selected product and service groups in the sense of purchase, logistics and sales as well as to expand the scope of suppliers and buyers.
  • Production-linked:
    It is our goal to achieve the best and closest connection with the selected production spheres on a long-term basis in order to attain synergy and cumulative effects both in the field of purchase and sales.

Video presentation of the company Kovintrade