Dear business partners!

We are in a time of great trials. We in Kovintrade d.d. as a responsible company, are aware of the seriousness that the SARS-CoV-02 coronavirus presents. For this reason, we have taken a number of measures together with all our daughter companies, which enable our employees as well as business partners to take care of our health and keep the daily business running as smooth as possible.

In order to keep our employees safe, we also made it possible for some to work from home. All employees who are still at their workplace on a daily basis, are regularly informed about proper safety measures, hygiene and use of protective equipment.

Logistics, as an important part of our business process and crucial for supplying Slovenia and foreign markets, will continue to work responsibly to fulfill your orders in the optimum time. Please take into consideration that we are limited by technological and human resources, so we ask for your understanding.

In order to optimally meet your needs, we ask that you schedule deliveries of materials several days in advance and regularly keep us informed of any important information and changes, so we can deal with the new situation together.

We can only succeed with your help and understanding.

Stay healthy

KOVINTRADE d.d. team